Project Description

architect calgary - scala designs


Every individual client has different needs and tastes, so even though the two halves of this semi-detached home share a common wall, there is no reason why their layouts have to be the same.

The right side is a tidy and functional 2425 sq. ft. while the left side rings in a little higher at 2545 sq. ft. A richly detailed yet modern exterior allows a distinct personality for each individual home but continuous materials provides the necessary cohesion. Both homes have layouts that work well for entertaining, with the kitchens being the hub of the home, and home offices at the front. The upper floors are opposite from one another, while both boasting large master suites, not commonly found in semi-detached infills.

The unique shape of the lot dictated that the left unit could be wider but should be shallower in depth in order to maximize both square footage and back yard space. This allowed us to create two completely different homes that still deliver on the same promises.