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Scala (‘skala) translation feminine noun (Italian):

  1. Scale
  2. Stairs, ladder, steps



SCALA DESIGNS is a new take on residential architectural design in Calgary.

Taking inspiration from the timelessness of scale and proportion, we strive to ensure that Scala is in everything that we do.

From working with our clients to help determine the correct scale of project, clearly outlining the scale of scope, through to creating breathtaking, well proportioned and scaled designs that are equally functional, all within at set budget, culminating in clean, clear and scaled construction drawings.

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It was only a matter of time before SCALA DESIGNS came to be. At a young age, enough skill and passion for architecture had been demonstrated that everyone around could see what this near-obsession would become. LEGOs were not merely toys, they were the gateway to architecture. Principal, Brandon Cardone would build homes, with walls, doorways and furniture. And when most other kids, would destroy their structures he would carefully dismantle his, only to rebuild bigger and better versions; working out the flaws in the previous design.

Design surfaced in nearly everything he did; any time spent drawing was split between sketching cars and homes; their beauty intrigued him and he liked to challenge himself.  As he grew older, the media in which he used to design would evolve; the focus shifted from a physical to a digital world. He would often drag his family to show homes, and would take home the brochures, redrawing the homes with revisions and improved designs.

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At the age of twelve, Brandon visited Europe for the first time. Traveling around Italy, France, Switzerland and Austria opened his eyes to classical, good design. This is where the concept of Scala really began to become apparent; the impressive, palatial proportions of the churches and chateaus contrasting with the cozy human scale of ancient farmhouses and narrow alleyways. When the proportions of a space or structure are not in harmony, the design is left feeling awkward.

Prior to ever starting his post-secondary education, he was invited to compete in the provincial Skills Canada competition for Architectural CADD, where he managed to place first, moving on to the national competition, where he was recognized with a third place finish.

A subsequent trip to France, Italy, Austria and Germany allowed him to continue his exploration of the classical and modern architecture that inspired him. More often than not, time at art galleries was spent marveling at the structures and detailing of the space rather than the sculptures or paintings themselves.

Prior to starting SCALA DESIGNS, he spent seven years working at a prominent Calgary area home builder where he was fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to design everything from starter, move-up, and estate stock plans through to multi-million dollar custom residences. Another trip to continental Europe, the UK, a few travels to New York City, and South East Asia have continued to provide inspiration for timeless, scaled and well proportioned design.

It is with these fundamental, that SCALA DESIGNS is poised to take on architectural design in Calgary.